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Welcome to the Statler Family Genealogy Web Site!

By selecting the menu options on the left, you can search through our family database, historical documents, obituaries and photo album. Come back often as this website is always growing!  Note:  The search function to the right will not search the names in the Family Database.  You'll need to go to the database itself and use the search function there.
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This site is not restricted just to the Statler surname.  We realize that there are many variations and spelling changes from the original surname (which is not Statler), such as Stadler, Stateler, Stedler, Stetler, Stotler, etc.  Therefore, you'll find almost every spelling variation on this site (plus all the related families).  You will come across royal families, biblical lines and even a few famous names.  Also, this database has grown beyond the direct Statler lines and now encompasses most of the related families that lived in the Southeast Missouri area.

Note:  The Statlers in the Family Database at this site are the branch that went to North Carolina from Pennsylvania, then moved on and settled in Southeast Missouri by crossing the Mississippi River on New Year's Day, 1800.  This branch is referred to as Group 14 in Sandra Hall's "Statler/Stetler/Stotler Newsletters."

If your looking for my wife's family tree information, then visit my related site:  The Hales & Winans Family Ties website

Note:  This site is NOT affiliated or associated with the Statler Brothers singing quartet in any way.   Visit the FAQ page for more information.

The Statler DNA Project

Sandra Hall is coordinating an effort to connect the various Statler families back to their origins in Europe.  She is seeking to connect the Stadler/Statler/Stetler/Stettler/Stotler families through DNA testing by having volunteers take a Y Chromosome test.

If you are a male (or a female with husband, brother etc.) with the surname of Statler (or any variation) and are interested in helping with this research project, please email Sandra for more information.

To view the current results of the DNA Project or to get more information, just visit Sandra's website:  The Statler/Stetler/Stotler Surname Project.

Also at her website you can find updated information about the various family groups she initially setup in her "Statler/Stetler/Stotler Newsletters" that were published in 1986 & 1987.

Sandra's email address is:  shall at pacbell dot net

Statler Surname Origins

The following surname origins were taken from the Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4:

German: from a derivative of Middle High German stadel ‘barn’, ‘granary’, hence a topographic name for someone who lived near a barn or granary, or occupational name for an official who was responsible for receiving tithes into the manorial storehouse. The surname is also occasionally borne by Ashkenazic Jews, apparently as an adoption of the German surname. It is also found in Slovenia, where it is commonly spelled Štadler.

1. variant of Stadler.
2. habitational name from a place named Stadtl, in Bohemia.

Variant of German Stadler.

Altered spelling of German Stettler.

German: habitational name for someone from Stettlen in the district of Bern, or Stödtlen in the district of Ellwangen.

Perhaps an altered form of German Stadtler.

Origin unidentified. Possibly an Anglicized form of German Statler (see Stadler).


If you have additional info on any of the other "Statler" spelling variations, please let me know and I'll add it here.

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Statler Resources at RootsWeb

Check out all the resources available at RootsWeb pertaining to the Statler surname (links to other spellings available also).  Search various databases and post queries via the GenConnect link.  Also, on the GenConnect pages, you can post Bible records, pensions, wills, etc.

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Statler Family Genealogy Forum (at's GenForum)

Post messages and replies regarding the Statler families at the Statler Family GenForum.

Also, check out the other spelling variation GenForums:
Stadler, Stateler, Stetler, Stettler, Stotler, Stutler

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The Statler Coat of Arms at the top of this page was designed by  J. M. Elliott.  She runs a website called Designs of Wonder where you will find one of the most comprehensive graphical coats of arms collection on the internet.  I highly recommend this site.

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