Statler Family's
Frequently Asked Questions

Q"Is use of your website free?"

A:  Yes, like most websites, use of our site is free.  You may browse through all the pages on our site for your genealogy research at no charge to you.


Q"Can you help me with my research?"

A:  Unfortunately, no.  If it is an easy, quick question, I will try to help answer it, but if it will involve a lot of research, I just do not have the extra time.


Q:  "Why do some pages have advertisements?

A:  Some of our pages are located on remote "free" servers.  These "free" servers require ads to show up usually at the top and/or bottom of the pages.


Q: "Where are most of the STATLERs located?"

A:  According to the 1990 Census data, here is a chart that shows the distribution of the STATLER surname in the United States:

Statler Surname Distribution
The color of each state indicates how frequently you will find someone with this surname in each state. For instance, if a state is colored red, then 1 in 100 people (or more) in that state have the surname. Similarly, yellow means approximately 1 in 300 have the surname, green means 1 in 1000, and blue means 1 in 10,000 (or less). Visit the Hamrick Software site to look up other surnames.

And now... for the "All-Time Frequently Asked Question"...

Q:  "Are you related to the Statler Brothers?"

A:  "It depends..."  There are several brothers in our family that carry the "Statler" surname.  So technically, "Yes" is the answer.  I realize that you are referring to THE Statler Brothers, the singing group.  In regards to that, "No" is obviously the answer (although I do claim them, but they don't claim me... ha).  To answer the question even further, "Statler" is not even the surname of any of the singers in the group and only two of the members are actually related to each other.  They use the name "Statler" due to the fact that their group, needing a name change from the Kingsmen, saw a "Statler Tissue" box in their hotel room and the rest is history.  For more information about "The Statler Brothers," check out this website.  For more information about "our" Statler brothers (and other family members), just browse through our family genealogy database.

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